The following softwares are developed in my research group. For more info, click on the name of the software. For details, click on the detail bottom.
CAVIAR, Charged pArticles in enVironments surrounded by conductIve boundARies, is an open source software for molecular simulation of ionic-liquids or charged colloids inside conductive boundaries. CAVIAR imports computer-aided-design (CAD) geometries and use them to simulate boundary walls. Then base on this geometry, a finite-element mesh is generated and utilized for solving the Poisson equation. For more information, please click on the following bottom.
In order to studying the Memristor based Neuromorphic circuits, we develop a SPICE like circuit simulator package name as Minion. This package is able to model complex networks of electronic elements. Minion is at final stages of development and benchmark, and will be soon available on the internet as an open-source simulator.